Situation Report #3 Earthquake and Tsunami in Mentawai Islands by Caritas Indonesia


Jl. Agus Salim 22 D-E

Jakarta 10350

Country                                                               : Indonesia

Location                                                               : Mentawai Island, West Sumatera

Disaster : Earthquake and Tsunami

Dates covered by the report : 28-30 October 2010

Reported by : Dian Lestariningsih

Sources : BPBD, Sikakap&Padang Coordination Meeting , Sikakap team


On Monday (24/10) 10.42 pm local time, 7.2 SR earthquake struck Mentawai Island District in West Sumatera Province. The epicentrum was on 3.61 South Latitude and 99.93 East Longitude; 78 km South West of South Pagai, Mentawai Island (West Sumatera Province); 174 km South West of Muko-Muko (Bengkulu Province).

Soon afterward, a 3-5 meter tsunami hit the area.


Mentawai Island District consists of 10 sub-districts (kecamatan), which are North Pagai, South Pagai, West Siberut, South West Siberut, South Siberut, Middle Siberut, North Siberut, Sikakap, South Sipora, North Sipora.

The affected areas are 15 villages which lie in 4 sub-districts (North Pagai, South Pagai, Sikakap, South Sipora).

Type Community buildings Government buildings Schools Religious Worship Public Facilities
Heavy damage 516 6 6 8 7 Bridges & 8 km roads,I boat, 2 resort
Minor damage 204 Not reported yet


BNPB, 31 Oct 2010, 10am :

Victims Death Missing Severe injuries Minor injuries
449 96 27 142

Internally Displaced Person: 14.983
The most affected population are people of Malakopak Village and Bulasat Village (South Pagai – Subdistrict), Betumonga Village (North Pagai-Subdistrict); Beriulou Village and Bosua Village (South Sipora-Subdistrict);  Sikakap Subdistrict.

There three hamlets with huge number of deaths: Munte Baru-baru (83 people died, 100 missing), Malakopak (56 people died), Silabu. All hamlets lied in Betumonga Village (North Pagai – Subdistrict).


  1. Food
  2. Clean water & Drinking
  3. Clothes
  4. Medicines
  5. Tarpauline
  6. Blanket


(28/10) President visited Mentawai. On District SKPD (district officials) coordination meeting, a structured of disaster management team was formed. Head of Mentawai Island District appointed as person in charge for whole disaster management process. Head of BPBD (government agency on disaster management in provincial level) appointed as emergency response coordinator. The government announced that emergency phase lies for 14 days. Therefore, Head of District will soon release Surat Keputusan (official letter).

Vice President has given 1 billion rupiah aid. BNPB (National Agency on Disaster Management) also gave 500 tents, 50 family tents, 500 sleeping mats, 80 blankets, 650 food packages. Health Ministry sent 4 ton medicines and 5 ton food packages.

Distribution of aid has been difficult due to bad weather and limited transportation. Four (4) helicopters are at the affected location to accelerate aid distribution to affected people in the isolated areas. In addition to that 1 navy ship (KRI Teluk Ambon), 1 cargo and one other ship (Krisna) have been operating. Sea distribution is supported by 7 boats. However, there is still 20 boats needed to optimize distribution to 27 IDP camps.

KARINA RESPONSES (Caritas Indonesia)

Karina (Caritas Indonesia) with Diocesan Caritas of Padang has sent Eloi Bonal (SCCF – Caritas France) and Stefanus (Caritas Padang) to the affected area, brought 300 blankets, tarp and jerrycan. They arrived at Sikakap (28/10), arrange coordination with Father Pey (priest at Sikakap Parish) and volunteers, also arrange logistic distribution and rapid assessment preparation.

(29/10) Team in Mentawai did rapid assessment on Pururogat, Asahan, Limu, Muntei Besar and Muntei Kecil in South Pagai. To reach villages in West Coast of South Pagai, team used small boat in spite of high tides. Pururogat totally destroyed, survivors escaped to Asahan and Muntei Besar. All farming areas destroyed, including coconut trees (villagers’ source of livelihood). There is potential loss of livelihood. Provisions of basic needs are urgent because not many aid received.

Meanwhile, Padang team loaded aid to Sumber Rejeki Baru ship. The aid consist of food (rice and instant noodle), water, clothes, medicines, hygiene kit, matt, blanket, sleeping matt, emergency lamp, cooking utensil and donation from World Vision Indonesia (200 tarps, water purifier, logistic for public kitchen).

(30/10) At Saturday dawn, Father Bernard and seven volunteers went to Tuapejat Village in Sipora Island with the aid.

Internal coordination meeting was also held on 30/10. The meeting was attended by Diocesan Caritas of Padang (Father Agus, Anton Respatio, Global Rescue volunteer), Caritas Germany (Karen), Diocesan Caritas of Sibolga (Daniel), Karina (Dian Lestari & Danil Wibisono).

At 11.45 pm local time, 12 volunteers on Rozoki Tiga Putra ship went to Sioban and Sikakap. The volunteers are 5 medic personnel from Yos Sudarso Hospital, 5 Caritas volunteers (Global Rescue, Caritas Czech, Caritas Padang) and 2 WVI volunteers.

At the same date, team in Sikakap didn’t continue assessment on the coast due to heavy wind and bad weather. Instead, they reached Beleraksok Village using land transportation. Beleraksok was Caritas Padang’s beneficiary on 2007 disaster. Houses built by Caritas Padang were still in good condition. The need in Beleraksok is health service.

(31/10) Team conducted assessment in Taparaboat dan Sabiret.

Data gathered by Sikakap team per 30 October 2010:

Village HH People Condition Missing Died notes
Belerakso Lama ±  40 180 Totally destroyed 4 25
Monte Baru-Baru ±  69 262 Heavily damaged 70 20
Betomonga ±  80 332 Heavily damaged 1 1
Silabo/Macaroni Resort Cotage ±  40 158 Totally destroyed
Sikakap ± 35 146 Moderate damaged 1
Pulau Siroso ± 60 1 1 On verification process
Muara Taikko 410 4 On verification process
Pururogat ± 140 Totally destroyed 11 40 On verification process
Pulau Sipora 2 hamlet heavily damaged 15 On verification process
Asahan 103 Farming area totally destroyed IDPs from  Pururogat – 50 HH
Limu 37 28 houses destroyed, 

50% farming area destroyed

1 person injured
Muntei Besar 62 321 Farming area near beach destroyed IDPs from Pururogat – number unknown yet
Muntei Kecil 31 178 2 house destroyed 

1 church destroyed

IDPs from Taparaboat – number unknown yet
Taparaboat 72 28 5
Sabiret 54 90% destroyed Only 5 houses left
Total ± 823 ± 1987 115 112

Contact person  :


PSE-Caritas Padang

Jl. Worter Monginsidi No 4D


Greg Wangge    : 085274414941

Dian Lestari         :0811256703/0817272956


1)      Eloi Bonal     : 081370559379

2)      Father Pey :0852 3946 4574


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