How JK Maximizes PMI’s Function to Help Reconstruction in Mentawai

How JK Maximizes PMI’s Function to Help Reconstruction in Mentawai
Jumat, 12 November 2010 | 10:42 WIB


Tsunami survivors carry aid delivered by an Indonesian Red Cross helicopter in Silabu, Mentawai Islands, Indonesia, Monday, Nov. 1, 2010.

JAKARTA, – The Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) is to help realize the reconstruction of 516 houses in Mentawai , West Sumatra, which were heavily damaged in the  Oct 25 tsunami, the organization’s chief said.

PMI Chairman Jusuf Kalla said here on Thursday his organization  would provide the 516 families with building materials and tools for  reconstruction of their houses such as sand, hoes and saws.

“PMI will also give them cash money at a rate of  Rp 5 million per family. I hope they can use the money to rebuild their houses and meet  their daily needs,” Kalla said.

Kalla who was vice president in the 2004-2009 period also said he would assign  a PMI team to distribute the humanitarian aid among needy  Mentawai families. The Mentawai Islands were hit by a magnitude-7.7 earthquake and subsequent tsunami on October 25 which killed at least 408 people, caused 303 others to go missing and 23,000 people to lose their homes forcing them to stay in refugee camps.

Earlier, Jusuf Kalla had stated PMI was planning to distribute as many as 100,000 hoes among people in Mt Merapi eruption affected areas in Central Java to clean up debris from the volcano.

“The hoes will be distributed to people to clean up volcanic sand left by the Mount Merapi eruptions,” he said.

Although Mount Merapi was still showing volcanic activity PMI was ready to distribute 100,000 hoes for the mass cleaning up task, he said.

“When Mt Merapi has been declared normal the hoes will immediately be distributed to the people who will  need them to clean up their houses and yards,” he said.

Kalla said PMI was continuing to conduct emergency response activities including evacuating dead victims and distributing relief aid.

“PMI teams are still working, conducting emergency response activities including evacuating bodies and distributing aid,” he said.

He said he hoped the government would immediately prepare a housing development program soon after the mountain`s conditions were declared normal again and evacuees could leave their emergency shelters.

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Editor: Jimmy Hitipeuw 

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