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Country : Indonesia

Location            : Mentawai islands district, West Sumatera

Disaster : Earthquake and Tsunami

Reporting period : 7-11 November 2010

Reported by : Vincentia I Widyasari and Ismawanti Arif

Source(s) : BPBD, Sikakap&Padang Coordination Meeting, Sikakap team



7,2 SR earthquake happened in Mentawai islands district, West Sumatra on Monday (24/10) at 9.42 PM. The center of the quake was 3,61 south latitude-99,93 east longitude centered on 78 km of South West of Pagai Selatan, Mentawai islands, West Sumatra; 174 km of South West of Mukomuko-Bengkulu and followed by 3-7 m high tsunami.



Mentawai islands district consist of 10 sub-districts which are Pagai Utara, Pagai Selatan, Siberut Barat, Siberut Barat Daya, Siberut Selatan, Siberut Tengah, Siberut Utara, Sikakap, Sipora Selatan, Sipora Utara.


Building(s) Community belongings Government belongings Elementary schools Praying places Common facilities
Severe damage 516 7 5 8 7 bridges, 1 Resort, & 1 boat
Minor damage 204        

Affected Areas (West Sumatera BPBD Data)

Sub District Villages Hamlets
South Sipora Bosua Bosua, Monga Bosua, Gobik
  Beriuliu Masokut, Beriulo
South Pagai Malakopak Balekraksok, Taparaboat
  Bulasat Bulasat, Purourogat, Maonai
North Pagai Betumonga Muntei Baru-Baru, Sabeugunggung
  Silabu Maguruk, Gogoa, Tumale
Sikakap Taikako Muara Taikako, Bulakmonga, Ruamonga, Sikuulek, Silaonde



From coordination meeting in Sikakap (BPBD) on 11 November 2010 :

Affected population Deaths Missing Hospitalized IDPs
448 56 33 7,360 person

(remarks: number of IDPs and hospitalized people are tend to decrease)


  1. Tool kits (nails, hammers, handsaw, crowbars, etc)
  2. Shelter (tarps, blanket, mosquito nets, sleeping mats, etc)
  3. Kitchen kits and household items


The emergency response phase is prolonged unil November 22. The government announced that 200 tons of rice supplies are available in Mentawai and 200 more tons that would be enough 50 days supply. Caritas team on the ground found that there is a problem with food aid distribution due to improper process. In Muntei Baru Baru, for example, food items were left on the shore without any information regarding the owner and the target beneficiaries.


A team has been sent to clean up the road access in KM.37 and create a shortcut in KM.27 (around Kemjaya).


The government announced that 1,116 units of temporary shelter would be built on the hillside of South Pagai (Km.27, 37 and 46) and North Pagai (Km 4, Monte Sabegunggung). These places are intended as relocations points, which are expected to grow, as a sub-central point equals with sub district level. Government will build 600 units while the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) will build the rest, 516 units. The government is open for any assistance in building the temporary shelters and even other supporting facilities (clean water access and sanitation).


As for economy recovery, the Ministry of Marine and Fisheries (KKP) has budgeted IDR 15 billion in 2011 to assist the community members livelihood and income, which include support to fisheries, rehabilitation of port used for fisheries in Sikakap, building of anti-seismic houses for the fisher folks, provision of boats and supporting fisheries equipment for the fisher folks. Moreover, KKP will take part in reconstruction efforts by assisting the zoning of coastal areas and small islands, area planning in accordance to coast-ocean hazard mitigation strategies, reconstruction of fisher folks’ houses and supporting facilities for fisheries.


Based on PSE-Diocesan Caritas of Padang, the main source of income of Mentawai indigenous is from vegetation planting. Yayasan Citra Mandiri, a local NGO that has been working in Mentawai for years, supported this fact. Thus, the government should consider the location of temporary shelter, road access from the shelter to the plantation and well-planned strategies of economy recovery.

KARINA’S (Caritas Indonesia) RESPONSE


Karina (Caritas Indonesia) supports the local diocese and PSE-Diocesan Caritas Padang (Caritas Padang) in responding to the current situation. Caritas Padang has been working since the day one to collect and distribute the aid from various sources, among others are PSKP Santo Yusuf Padang, local parishes (Pekan Baru, Padang Baru, Tirtonadi, and Katedral), Catholic Women Association (WKRI) from Padang, and Jakarta, Yos Sudarso hospital, KBKK Jakarta, Lion’s Club, banks (Panin, BCA, Bukopin, Danamon), private (J-Co), and individual donor. PSE-diocesan Caritas Padang is working together with World Vision Indonesia, Shelter Box and Green Music Foundation as well. Until now, Caritas Padang has made 5 times logistics deliveries to Mentawai (see Annexures).


Caritas Padang establishes 2 coordination posts in Mentawai, Sioban (Sioban Parish) to serve the affected people in Sipora Island and Sikakap (Sikakap Parish) to serve those in North and South Pagai. The volunteers in each post conduct rapid assessment on the damage and urgent needs of the affected people. Data from government officials are used as base line information, which will be verified by the volunteers directly in locations (see annex). Relief aid were given directly to the affected people based on the assessment result.


Types of relief aid:

  • Food items: rice, instant noodles, canned fish, salted fish, milk, biscuit, tea, sugar
  • Kitchen kits: pan, spoon, spoon for rice, bucket, plastic plates, food cover (tudung saji), plastic cups, tea pot, wok, food container, washing bucket, stoves
  • Hygiene Kits: soap, detergent, shampoo, feminine pads, tooth paste, tooth brush
  • Shelter kits: Carpet, tarps, blankets, mattress, clothes for adult and children, sarong
  • Miscellaneous: jerry cans, drinking water


Each location received those relief items with different variations based on the beneficiaries’ real needs. Until now (11/9) Caritas has served 290 families in Sipora Island and 762 families in Pagai Island, which makes the total 1,052 families (see annex)


The activities Sioban and Sipora posts are taking a break after thorough distribution in all targeted hamlets on Tuesday (11/9). However, logistics supplies were still sent to Sioban post (11/9) and arrived on Wednseday (11/10) as a contingent if community supplies are running out and they are unable to provide. Seven volunteers of UMSB returned to Padang on Thursday (11/10).

The service in Sikakap post is still active. Volunteers are in charge of assessment, distribution, warehouse management, documentation and coordination. The team took a break on Sunday (11/7) and continued with rapid assessment on Monday – Wednesday (11/8-10), distribution on Monday – Tuesday (11/8-9) and receiving logistics from Padang on Wednesday (11/9). The volunteers are coming from the local parishioners in Mentawai, PMKRI (Catholic youths association), PSE-Caritas Padang, Sanggar Akar, Caritas Sibolga, Cordia Caritas Medan. Personnels of WVI and Caritas France (SCCF) are also joining the team.


Meanwhile, the team in Padang is in charge of logistics arrangements and coordination. This team is supported by volunteers of PSE- Caritas Padang, Pansos Bodronoyo and Archdiocese of Jakarta.

Contact person:

Padang: PSE-Caritas Padang, Jl. Wolter Monginsidi No 4D, Padang

1)     Greg Wangge : 085274414941

2)     Ismawanti Arif : 0813 8877 0168



1)              Eloi Bonal : 081370559379

2)              Romo Pey : 0852 3946 4574, 0759-322127



Emergency relief items from PSE-Caritas Padang arrived in Sioban (11/9) by Rozoki Tiga Saudara boat.

The volunteers are documenting the relief items before unloading them to the warehouse.

The relief items are stored in Sioban post warehouse after documentation.




No Dates Relief Aid Transportation
1 27 Oct 2010 Plastic Jerry cans, plastic roll (5 roll), blankets (100 pcs) Navigasi Ship
2 29 Oct 2010 Kitchen kits: plates (5 ½ boxes), cups (5 sacks), spoon (2 boxes), rice cooking pan (5 boxes), washing bucket (217 pcs)

Mineral water 50 boxes

Food items: instant noodles (20 boxes), rice (500 kg)

SHIP. Sumber Rezeki
3 30 Oct 2010 Mineral water

Food items: instant noodles, sugar, milk, biscuits, canned fish, food for babies, tea

Shelter: tents, tarps, blankets, plastic sleeping mats, mosquito nets, sarong, pillow

Medicines for adults and babies

Clothing, pampers

Hygiene kits: towel, soap, tooth paste, water bucket, water scoop

Kitchen kits: food container, wok, food cover (tudung), pan, spoon, plates, cups, tea pots, stoves,

Lights: kerosene lamp, emergency lamp, torch

SHIP. Rozoki Tiga Saudara
4 9 Nov 2010 Clothing

Food items: rice, milk, kopi, canned fish, soy sauce, biscuit, oil for cooking, sugar, salted fish

Shelter: sleeping mats


SHIP. Ambu-Ambu
5 9 Nov 2010 Mineral water

Food items: instant noodles, sugar, milk, biscuits, canned fish, food for babies, tea, oil for cooking,

Shelter: shelter box (from Shelter Box), tarps (some from WVI), blankets, sleeping mats, mosquito nets, sarongs, pillow

Medicines for adults and babies

Clothes, pampers, male & female underwear,

Hygiene kits: towels, soap, toothpaste, water bucket, water scoop. Detergent

Kitchen kits: food container, wok, food cover (tudung), pan, spoon, plates, cups, tea pots, stoves,

Lights: kerosene lamp, emergency lamp, torch

Tools kit: nail (some from WVI), hammer, hand saw, crowbars, wheel barrow, triple layers plywood (from WVI)

Volunteers’ operational costs: speedboat engine, life vests

SHIP. Rozoki Tiga Saudara

(remarks: the team is still verifying the figures)




Dates sub districts villages/hamlets HH person Condition Missing deaths Remarks
29 Oct South Pagai


(access to west coast: small ships, big waves)

Purourogat 90 235 Total damage, including a plantation near the coastline and most of coconut trees. 11 40 Main livelihood: coconut trees. More likelu to loose the main source of income


All people fled à to Asahan, Muntei Besar

Asahan 53 209 Total damage of the plantation     Currently Hosting IDPs from Pururogat 50 HH, total 103 HH
Limu 37 176 28 houses  and 50% of plantations were damaged,     1 injured person
Muntei Besar 62 321 A plantation near coastline was damaged     Currently hosting the IDPs from Pururogat but number is yet to be identified
30 Oct South Pagai Beleraksok 180 712 Baleraksok Lama was totally destroyed 4 25 In 2007, Caritas built houses in Baleraksok Baru and all are reportedly in good shape.
31 Oct South Pagai Taparaboat 72 257   28 5  
Sabiret 54 326 90% destroyed     5 houses are still standing
1 Nov Sikakap A village near Sikakap     totally destroyed     All fled, thus there was no resource person. Access: land
2 Nov Sikakap Kaute 62 242 Coconut plantation was destroyed, houses and plants are reportedly unaffected   1 5 persons suffered from heavy injuries
  Ruamonga 16 68 Totally damaged   1 1 house still standing but it was badly affected, too.
  Bulashiponga 56 234       No deaths or injuries
  Central Muara Taikako 71 284 plantation was damaged   4 most of the boats were got carried away to the ocean
  East Muara Taikako 64 256       Currently hosting IDPs from Central and West Muara Tekako.
  West Muara Taikako 104 410 plantation was damaged     most of the boats were got carried away to the ocean
8 – 9 Nov Pagai Utara Mapinang 59   0 minor damaged houses, 0 heavy damage)     Access: speedboat, 1,5 – 2,5 hours from Sikakap. Mapinang is the farthest (2,5 hours) but suffered from minor damages and no casualties reported. Household equipments are still in place except scores of boats. The communities moved around 300m – 2Km from the coast and built their own temporary shelters of wood. They just received disbursement of Mentawai earthquake 2007 that range from IDR 5 million to IDR 9 mill. For those whose houses were heavily damaged will receive additional IDR 6 million. Community plantations were slightly affected while several coconut trees were uprooted. Despite the condition, the community still has their own source of daily food to survive. Their main source of income and livelihoods before the disaster are the same. Several organizations have assisted this community and 7 of them are currently working in Pasapuat. No urgent needs are reported.


Pinairuk 39      
Beubukku 24   5 Heavy Damage, 11 RR minor damage    
Mulawbugei 72   0 heavy damage, 1 Minor damage    
Pasapuat 140   0 heavy damage, 15 minor damage    
Pututukat 22   1 heavy damage, 0 minor damage    
Guluguluk 99   0 heavy damage, minor damage    
Manganjo 141   0 RB, 0 RR    
10 Nov North Pagai Utara – West Coast


(Village Betumonga)

Hamlet of West Betumonga 70         A safe house is located around 1 Km from the shore. Coconut trees, as the community’s main source of income, were destroyed completely. Small numbers of community plantation are heavily damaged. Community members are still afraid to return to the sea. The fish are used for domestic consumption and economy reasons. Cocoa plantation was not affected at all and is expected to harvest in the coming weeks or next year. This community is considered wealthier than the rest of people living in Mentawai.


West Betumonga: the people moved 300 m from their original place and have built their temporary shelters. The community memebrs spend their daytime in their original place and return to the makeshift camp in the evening. The people of Batumonga are hosting the IDPs from Sabegungung. They don’t know yet where to move/stay and wait for further instruction from the government.


East Betumonga and Tirik: the community moved 2 Km from their original place and built temporary shelters, in which they stay the whole day. The carried almost all of their belongings. The community is hosting 22 IDPs from Sabegungung. It is reported that the community decided to stay and built a new village in the new location. They need tarps,  clothes, and medicines despite the fact that they already received aid from government, Surfaid, PKPU and PSE-Caritas Padang. They community received disbursement of Mentawai earthquake 2007 from the government ranging from IDR 5 million to IDR 9 million.

Hamlet of East Betumonga 37        
Hamlet of Betumonga Tirik 34        
10 Nov North Pagai Muntei Baru-Baru ± 30? 167 Totally damaged 33 140 Before the disaster, there were 83 families/307 people, and now is only 167 people. The people moved as far as 2 Km to the hillside. Government provided assistance for this community and still more of food items are expected to arrive. The District Head visited this location two times. Government will provide temporary shelters in KM 4 while the permanent housing will be in KM 10


Identified Numbers ±1688 HH        



Annex 3: Rapid Assessment of  SIOBAN Post

Desa Dusun Rusak Berat Fasilitas Umum Meninggal Hilang Luka


Luka Ringan
Bosua Sai 13           Total warga:

290 KK/

1728 jiwa


  Katiel 8          
  Gobi 26 3 10 3 1  
  Bosua Selatan 27       3  
  Bosua Utara 80       51 30
Beriulou Buku Monga 54 1 5     3
  Bere 19         10
Masokut Rua Leleu 30         30
  Roddak Oinun 33 2 7 1 4 30














Posts Sub District Village Hamlets # of HH/Person remarks
Sioban  Post

(Sipora Island)

South Sipora Bosua Sai Total:

290 HH/

1728 person

The distribution of relief aid was completed on Tuesday (11/9)


Relief aid arrived in Sioban (11/10), which will be distributed if the current supplies are finished but the community are still unable to provide themselves.

Bosua Selatan
Bosua Utara
South Sipora Beri Ulou Buku Monga
  Masokut Rua Leleu
    Roddak Oinun
  Sub-Total 290 HH 9 Hamlets
Sikakap Post


(Pagai Island)

Sikakap Taikako



Ruak Monga 16  HH Distribution 3 Nov
Muara Taikako (Tengah dan Timur) 175  HH Distribution 3 Nov
Ruak Monga / Bulak Monga (dapur Umum)   Distribution 3 Nov
South Pagai   Asahan 53  HH Distribution 4 Nov
Bulasat Pururogat 90  HH Distribution 4 Nov
  Sabiret 60  HH Distribution 5 Nov
  Euparaboat 72  HH Distribution 5 Nov
  Limu 37  HH Distribution 6 Nov
Bulasat Maonai 44  HH Distribution 6 Nov
  Kaute   Distribution 6 Nov
    Hamlet  Mabola 30  HH Distribution 8 Nov
    Pinairuk 39  HH Distribution 8 Nov
Pagai Utara Betumonga Betumonga Timur 36  HH Distribution 9 Nov
Betumonga Tirik 40  HH Distribution 9 Nov
West Betumonga 70 HH Distribution 9 Nov
  Sub – Total 762 HH 15 Hamlets

(remarks: names of villages and hamlets need to be cross checked)


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