Dear All

Our sense of humanity is once again called, as our country mourns when a 7,2 SR earthquake followed by tsunami hit Mentawai last Monday, October 25th, 2010. Mentawai Islands was hit by the earthquake and swept by devastating tsunami left villages in North Pagai and South Pagai island and several other islands in Mentawai District paralyzed with hundreds of casualties.

The recent casualties are reported to be 311 people died, and more than 426 people are still missing and thousands of people of these islands are now in refugee shelters[1]. Until recently, many of these island people are still untouched with help and aid, the remoteness of these islands and bad weather have made the distribution of relieve aid, logistic and evacuation difficult and limited. DFW Indonesia, ISLA UH, Adopt an Island Foundation and a group of concerned friends, have therefore joined hands to form a small unit of solidarity volunteers to coordinate help from our friends and associates to deliver to the victims of the quake and tsunami in Mentawai Islands. We initiate to open a Secretariat (POSKO)  in Jakarta and in the field to mobilize all the help and aid and to focus for several proposed actions, which are:

  1. Aid and Volunteer Mobilization. To collect and distribute different kinds of aid, including logistics, tent, clothing, baby and children supplies, amenities, medicines, etc to the field. The secretariat will also mobilize and coordinate the dispatch of volunteer to support humanitarian activities in the field.
  2. Post Disaster Research To conduct mapping program, RRA, PRA and other mapping needed for the purpose of recovering and rebuilding Mentawai Islands in the time of emergency response, recovery and development.
  3. To initiate Adopt Mentawai (people to people support program). To develop an adoption model and victim mentoring, so that many of those survivors could be assisted for a post disaster recovery.

We are collecting donations of any items required such as:

  • Equipment : Tent, Megaphone, radio AM/FM, candles, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, tissues, flashlights, lanterns, matches, etc;
  • Clothing : Clothes, include hats, socks, saroong, blankets, etc;
  • Food : Rice, instant noodle, coffee, tea, milk, sugar, and other dry food;
  • Drinking Water: Bottled Drinking Water;
  • Children: Blanket, baby Food, UHT Milk, baby supplies (diapers, telon oil, etc) baby clothes (including hats, socks, etc),  Book, Toys;
  • Women: sanitary pad, women underwear;
  • Medical : Emergency tools (P3K), eye drops, masks, etc medical supplies,
  • Money.

We plan to distribute your generous donation, as much as possible,   directly through local NGOs in Mentawai, and through the Indonesian Red Cross. One of our group members has already left for Mentawai to assess needs on the field and the most appropriate and effective distribution channels for the relieve aid delivery.

Coordination Post for delivery of material:

Mentawai Care Secretariat (POSKO Peduli Mentawai)

Jl. Bendungan Hilir VII No 9, Jakarta Pusat, 10210,

Phone/Fax : +6221 570 7066

PIC Secretariat: Deddy Haryanto : 081282267997

Nurman Manompo (Noe): 085656354092

PIC Sibolga          Donny : 081342731207.

Email :

Blog :;

Please send your donation to:

Account No: 0091540675, a.n. Destructive Fishing Watch (DFW) Indonesia,

Bank BNI Syariah, Kantor Cabang Fatmawati, ITC Duta Mas Blok A1-3, JL. RS. Fatmawati, Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia

These are our contacts/initiators:

Sonia Ramadhani,                   +6281318571274;

Kamaruddin Azis,                    +62811449665;,

M. Zulficar Mochtar,              +6281584282907;   

Andi Nurjaya, HP :                   +6281311219772,

Ben Baharuddin Nur,              +628128096339       ,

Agus Ajar Bantung,                 +628129922834         

Taswin Munier,                       +6285211557725  ,

M. Zulkifly (Japan),+001,

Jamaluddin Jompa                  +628124230107    ,

Titien  S. Syukur                      +6281383999255          

Muh. Abdi                                       +62811406437    

Dahlan                                     +62815186473

[1] KOMPAS, “311 Tewas di Mentawai” halaman 1, Kamis 28 Oktober 2010



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